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An HTML Cheat Sheet That Never Fails

HTML, the skeletal structure of the Internet. Perhaps unknowingly you have browsed through hundreds, if not thousands – even hundreds of thousands of HTML code. HTML dictates what that page you’re looking at displays. It formats the text to ensure it makes sense. More frequently now though we are coming into direct contact with the code itself. We are being invited to write our own code to customise the web to our demands. This could be within your blog, forums you use, and even your email. If you aren’t familiar with what you’re seeing, it can be more than a little daunting. Often there is a way around having use the code, but that’s not always the case.
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How To Integrate Waiting Time Into Your User Experience

People don’t like to wait. This is true in any situation you can think of. Be it in the line for the checkout, when counting down the days before a special event, or when loading a website – waiting requires patience, a goal worth waiting for, and the ability to distract ourselves.

Once we focus on the waiting itself, we start to keep track of the passing time by counting days, hours, minutes, or even seconds. The more conscious we experience waiting time, the longer it becomes. Think about it for a second. I bet you can come up with plenty of examples when a few seconds felt like forever.
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How to Simplify Design

A simple web design offers many benefits that are lost from complicated or cluttered websites. Simplicity cuts out any friction that can otherwise exist between a user entering your site and actually converting. Internet users are becoming increasingly attracted to simply designed websites, because they’re aesthetically pleasing, focused, and easily understood and navigated. They also often load faster and are great for performing well across platforms.
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How to Set Up A Usabilla Survey

With Usabilla you can collect feedback on any digital interface, be it the scan of a sketch, a wireframe, mockup, or webpage. Just set up a test, invite participants, and analyze your results. Check out the video below to see how you can create a test in no time, or read on and we will guide you through setting up a test with Usabilla step-by-step.

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How to Choose The Right Plan

Over 15.000 marketeers, researchers, designers, and analysts already work with Usabilla to collect feedback, measure performance, and much more. For both beginners and experts in the field, Usabilla offers a simple way to focus on qualitative and quantitative research, to find out what users think and do.

On our Pricing & Signup page we offer our customers different plans to choose from. Depending on the number of tests you want to run simultaneously and the kind of data you want to collect, you might need to bounce between plans. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time, whatever comes out best for you.
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Participant information and the new filter feature Announcements

Participant information and the new filter feature

With Usabilla it is easy to add additional information to your participants by adjusting the URL to your test. Adding this additional information just got a lot more useful, because we added filter options directly in the sidebar when you analyze your test.

Before I show you the filter options, I will quickly recap how you can alter URLs.

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Enrich your Usabilla feedback with Wufoo surveys

Do you want to power-up your Usabilla test results? You can easily do so by hooking up a Wufoo survey to your test. Set up a form in Wufoo and redirect users to the URL of your test. You can include their answers in the URL and store these with your Usabilla test results.

Let’s have a look at a brief example case to see how simple it is to exchange data between Wufoo and Usabilla.

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Tip: How to make your test go viral How-tos

Tip: How to make your test go viral

You created a Usabilla test, and you want to get as many participants as possible. Here is a tip that will help you create a default twitter message that your participants can spread. In this way you’ll encode your tweet into a URL that you can embed to the “Redirect URL” in your Test.*

Redirect users to a default twitter message you created

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New feature: Personalize your test to improve response rates Announcements

New feature: Personalize your test to improve response rates


In some situations, a test calls for a more personal welcome message than a variation of ‘Dear participant’. I’m glad to announce that as of today, our developers made this possible. We are humans after all, not machines. The sound of our name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language. If you don’t believe Dale Carnegie, believe the research that shows personalization increases response rates.

Personalize your introduction

Personalize your introduction

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