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New feature: Personalize your test to improve response rates Announcements

New feature: Personalize your test to improve response rates


In some situations, a test calls for a more personal welcome message than a variation of ‘Dear participant’. I’m glad to announce that as of today, our developers made this possible. We are humans after all, not machines. The sound of our name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language. If you don’t believe Dale Carnegie, believe the research that shows personalization increases response rates.

Personalize your introduction

Personalize your introduction

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Re-order your test pages Announcements

Re-order your test pages

Designing your tests just got a bit easier: you can re-arrange pages in the Test detail tab now. Just click the Move up ↑ or Move down ↓ buttons at the top right corner of every page-section of your test. Here, take a look:

Move your testpages up and down in the test details tab

Shuffle your testpages around in the test details tab

We hope you enjoy this improvement, and as always we appreciate any and all feedback. Feel free to leave a comment below or tweet us any suggestions or questions at @usabilla.

The Amazon outage: Recovery and improvements Announcements

The Amazon outage: Recovery and improvements

Last Thursday we were affected by a large scale outage in Amazon’s server center. Since we were hosting most of our servers in one zone of Amazon’s server center, we weren’t really prepared for a system failure like this one. We store our data on Amazon data drives (‘EBS’) and create regular on-site and off-site backups. Unfortunately we weren’t able to access our most recent data (‘EBS’) or any recent backups (‘snapshots’) during the outage. Amazon basically locked down a large number of the EBS drives in the corrupt zone of their datacenter in Virginia. Unfortunately our data was only available in that specific zone at that time.

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Sorry! We’re having technical issues *update* Announcements

Sorry! We’re having technical issues *update*

Our hosting provider, Amazon Web Services, suffers currently severe technical issues in one of their data centers (see this list of startups with connectivity issues). Due to these issues we’re unfortunately not able to access your most recent test data at the moment. Amazon’s engineers are working hard to solve this problem. In the meanwhile we’re preparing to kickstart our servers again when we regain access to our data again.

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Set up a simple A/B/n test in just a blink Announcements

Set up a simple A/B/n test in just a blink

The standard Usabilla widget is a useful tool to invite your visitors to participate in one of your tests. Thanks to the kind tip of one of our users you can now also use a new widget to set up a quick A/B/n test in Usabilla! Use this widget to invite your users to participate in a random test out of two or more of your Usabilla tests. You just specify which tests to use and every time the widget pops up, we randomly select one of these tests. With this simple widget you can set up a A/B/n Usabilla test for any webpage, image, or sketch in just a few minutes.

Usabilla widget for A/B/n tests

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Interested in analytics, startups, and everything in between? Announcements

Interested in analytics, startups, and everything in between?

Meet Neil Patel, Co-founder Kissmetrics

We are happy to announce MeasureWorks & Usabilla will be co-hosting the second edition of ‘Startup & Measure’ on March 15th at Usabilla HQ.

Neil Patel, co-founder of Kissmetrics and CrazyEgg, will be our featured guest, and he has prepared a short presentation about measuring and startups. Before and after Neil’s presentation there will be plenty of time to grab a drink and exchange some KPI’s.

Hope you can join us for the festivities.

We’re hiring: Online marketeer with passion for UX in Amsterdam / SF Announcements

We’re hiring: Online marketeer with passion for UX in Amsterdam / SF

We’re an Amsterdam based international web startup and are looking for an experienced online marketeer with an obvious interest in user experience and usability. Usabilla offers an online platform for fast and simple remote usability testing. Our users include more than 7500 usability experts, designers, web analysts, and marketeers from the USA, Western Europe, South America, and the rest of the world. Companies like Discovery Channel, Electronic Arts,, Sony, and the US Government use our product to collect valuable feedback from their users with small usability tests.

In the upcoming months we’re going to expand our team. We’re looking for an experienced online marketeer to join our team in Amsterdam or kickstart our (remote) team in San Francisco. With your help we’re going to work out a solid online marketing strategy, build strong relations with our customers and partners, and grow to over 100.000 accounts in the upcoming two years.

Are you up for the challenge to work with a company that breathes user experience and usability and works with the worlds’ leading UX professionals and marketeers? Do you want to learn from the challenges that come with building a large, enthusiastic user base for a fast growing web startup? Do you like to work in the absolute center of Amsterdam in an awesome office with other cool startups or help us to set up shop in San Francisco? Join our team!

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Mashable: “5 Essential Web Apps for the Lean Small Business” Announcements

Mashable: “5 Essential Web Apps for the Lean Small Business”

Donna Wells, CEO of, named Usabilla as one of five essential web applications for Small Business in an interesting article on Mashable. The user focused online training startup Mindflash uses Usabilla to collect online feedback from their users. Mindflash recruits participants with Ethnio:

“Ethnio allows us to grab and vet potential candidates through website pop-ups. Usabilla then pulls the best candidates from the Ethnio session to work through questions, product concepts and sends feedback and analysis to the business.”

“Set up properly, this nifty duo works almost entirely hands-off, allowing the site to motor along while continually mining data. And it keeps our top research and product talent focused on interpreting the results – not collecting them.”

Google Chrome

Mindflash reinvented itself with a little external help from Adaptive Path. Paula Wellings (Adaptive Path) and Cameron Gray (Mindflash) shared insights about their journey to become more customer focused at UX Week 2010. A video of their presentation about ‘Pizzability’ (who can spot the Usabilla screenshot?):

UX Week 2010 | Paula Wellings & Cameron Gray | Turning a Developer-driven Organization into a UX Company from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

We’re happy to facilitate the dialogue between Mindflash and their customers and are proud to be mentioned by their CEO, Donna Wells, as one of the most essential web apps.

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What you can learn from 27 random sets of participants Announcements

What you can learn from 27 random sets of participants

With Usabilla you combinate quantitative and qualitative research. The results from a larger group of participants are visualized with colorful heatmaps and measurable scatterplots. How many participants should you use for a typical test? It’s quite hard to give one single answer to this question. The number of participants really depends on the purpose of your test and the type of questions you’re using. To give you an indication about trends we’ve plotted 27 random samples of an open question in a large demo case with over 500 participants.

200 participants 05

Random sample of 200 participants

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Upgrade: New monthly accounts Announcements

Upgrade: New monthly accounts

Today we’ve made an important change to our accounts. We’ve switched from yearly plans to flexible monthly plans. We’re very happy to have you as a customer, so we’ll be doing our very best to make this switch a valuable upgrade for all of our current customers.

Our new plans

We’re switching from yearly accounts to monthly plans. New clients can now upgrade and downgrade their account at any time. Also, accounts are no longer restricted to a limited number of pages. Instead you can setup one or more tests simultaneously. Once you’ve hit your limit of active tests and deactivate a test, you can start a new one. As often as you like.


Questions? Feedback?

We’ve automatically migrated our current accounts to the new plans. We carefully planned this migration and manually checked the upgraded accounts. We might have missed something or may be you’re not happy with this change at all… If this is the case, please let us know. I’m sure we can help you.