The Best UX Articles of October 2016
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The Best UX Articles of October 2016

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How about that? The time has come once again for our monthly roundup of the best UX content that the world wide web has to offer and this time, it’s all about October. So, here comes a collection of the most popular articles from our social media community, as well as a couple of our own personal favorites. Any you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments or shoot us a tweet @usabilla.

The Future Of UX Is Here, And It’s Taking Personalization To A Whole New Level


Your devices can already keep track of context like the time of day, location, or even your dinner plans, but what if they could also cross-reference that context with your daily routine and habits to customize your experience? Forbes explores the endless options for future customized experiences.

A Critical Analysis of the iOS 10 Lockscreen Experience


Users have had a lot to say about Apple’s latest iOS update, and it’s fair to say that a huge amount has focused on the obscurity of the new lockscreen setup. In this critical analysis, Shankar delves into the lockscreen design choices and the impact they’ve had on the device’s clarity.

How to Use Atomic Design to Improve A/B Testing


Based on concepts borrowed from chemistry, atomic design describes the complex (and simple) relationships between micro- and macro-design elements. Yona Gidalevitz discusses this unexplored use case for UX Pin, informing readers how to use it for the most scientifically driven A/B tests around.

7 Sponsored Instagram Ads That Get It Right


We’ve all been there — taking a nice, mindless scroll through our Instagram feed only to be interrupted by an unwanted ad for the latest boutique hotel or quirky independent fashion label. But, what about those ads that actually make you pause, bring a smile to your face, or even prompt you to click-through?

How to Stop Designing Things That Won’t Get Built


In this insightful Invision piece, Elyse Bogacz presents her 40/40/20 method which allows designers to focus on the now while still looking out at the road ahead. Ultimately working to avoid wasting time on designs that never make it anywhere. Read on to discover more.

Everything You Need to Know About UX Sketching


UX sketching is a crucial aspect of user experience design. It’s an efficient way of communicating design while allowing designers to try out a multitude of ideas and iterate them before settling on just one. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this often overlooked solution.

Promoting UX in a Non UX-Friendly Environment


Do you struggle with getting UX buy-in in the workplace? Unfortunately, it’s something many of us can relate to, and it can certainly be frustrating. Changing an organization’s mindset toward UX takes time, however, it can be done. This article will provide you with a number of tips and tricks on how to nurture and forge that relationship over time.

And there we have it. That concludes our round-up of the best UX articles of October 2016; which one was your favorite?

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