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Sabina is community manager, technical writer & UXer @ Usabilla. She is interested in Usability, User Experience, Design, and everything that makes the Web a better place. Follow Sabina on Twitter. Follow the author on Twitter
2013_05_featured_website_footers Design

How To Design A More Effective Website Footer

It goes without saying that the success of a website depends on many different aspects. For example, the overall usability, the visual design, and the brand consistency all affect whether or not users are happy with your site. How easily can they find their way around? How much do they trust you and your content? Do they think it’s fun use your site?
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2013_04_23_featured Links

Our 5 Favorite Articles On UX (April 2013)

Have you already been waiting for our list of recommended readings on UX? Just in time before the weekend, here are our 5 favorite articles of the month April. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did.

This is what you will find out if you continue reading:

  • How web posture affects user experience
  • 10 reasons why you should hire a user experience manager
  • How feedback pertains to best user experience design practices
  • How to design an emotionally engaging experience
  • What UI really is and how UX confuses matters
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2013_04_16_featured Design

How To Design For A Cross-Cultural User Experience (part 1/2)

Our culture defines our values and our behaviour – not only in our everyday lives, but also on the Web. What catches our attention, what makes us trust a website, how we search for information, what we consider relevant, what triggers our actions, and how we perceive a website – at the end of the day, it all depends on our cultural background. For web designers, this presents a true challenge: How can we ensure a cross-cultural user experience if we are not truly familiar with cultures other than our own?
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2013_04_02_featured Links

Our 5 Favorite Articles On UX (March 2013)

Time is flying and yet another month has passed. Luckily not without a bunch of great UX content. Like always, we want to share with you our five favorite articles on UX. This time, you can learn:

  • Why the user experience cannot be designed
  • Why you should know your users and their stories before you start to design for them
  • 11 A/B Testing myths that prevent smart marketers from making accurate, data-driven decisions
  • How to use Card Sorting more effectively
  • How Data, Strategy, and Execution fit together to create a holistic approach to online personalization
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2013_03_26_featured Design

5 Expert Tips for Improving Your Navigation Menu

If not for the simple purpose of killing time, we usually have a goal in mind when visiting a website. That goal can be finding or sharing content, getting in contact with the site owner or customer service, purchasing a product, or anything else as a matter of fact. In any case, we want to reach our goal as quickly as possible — without getting distracted, lost, or frustrated because we can’t find what we are looking for.
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