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Ran Avrahamy

Ran Avrahamy is the Co-Founder of Scringo, a startup providing App developers with mobile development tools to increase App retention and revenue. Ran is managing a love/hate relationship with mobile, potentially an all-star NBA player, too-early adopter. Loves being an entrepreneur - Hates the word entrepreneur. Follow the author on Twitter
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Optimising Your Mobile Site

In today’s world, desktop and laptop PC sales are virtually in free fall.

The reduction in sales of these traditional computers has been a direct consequence of the rise in tablet, phablet, and smartphone ownership. It is with smartphone in hand that most people today are surfing the web whilst on the go. Train travels and bus rides are no longer the monotonous experiences they once were – where once eyes would have been focused out of the window, they are now drawn to the glass screens of their devices.
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