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Mashable redesign: What draws attention? Demo UX Cases

Mashable redesign: What draws attention?

Mashable made a fresh start of the new year by launching a redesign. The intention of this new design was to put more focus on the stories, removing clutter, and dividing the content into sections (Home, Social MediaMobile, Web Video, Entertainment, Business, Tech, and Jobs). In the past week more than 150 people commented on the blog post about the new design. Most reactions on Mashable seem to be positive about the new look and feel: ‘Fresh & clean’, ‘I like the sections’, ‘More professional’, and ‘Clean and Simple’. What are the most important changes in this design iteration and what can we learn from feedback? We asked 60 social-media-savy participants for feedback.

Mashable: What draws attention?

Mashable: What draws attention?

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Promote your test on Twitter & Facebook How-tos

Promote your test on Twitter & Facebook

Social networks can be an interesting place to recruit participants who are interested in your website, product or service, to participate in a short test.  Usabilla offers some simple ways to promote your tests on Facebook and Twitter by posting the URL of your test and a short message on these social networks. You can also use the Redirect URL in Usabilla to make it easy for your participants to invite other participants and trigger a small viral effect.


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Upgrade your plan & create PDF reports Announcements

Upgrade your plan & create PDF reports

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve just launched our first ‘official’ public release. We’ve renewed our homepage, launched paid plans, and offer PDF reports for all your test results. Log in to your account to try the new reports and other new features.
With the help of our beta testers we have been able to build a useful tool to collect feedback on webpages, mockups, sketches, and other images. In the past months Usabilla has proven its use in a large number of different cases. More then 2500 usability experts, web designers, online marketeers and other web professionals are using Usabilla to conduct remote usability tests and collect feedback.

Check out your new PDF reports

You can now export your test results as a PDF report. Create and customize your reports in our analysis tool. You can also use the new ‘Save as PNG’ feature to save parts of your visualizations and use these in your own reports or publish them online. Log in to your account and analyze one of your tests to see these new features.

Upgrade your account

During our beta period we have been offering beta accounts to test our service. We will continue to offer free accounts, which will be limited to 5 pages and 25 participants. You can upgrade your free account to one of the following plans: Small ($49), Standard ($199), and Large ($950).

  • Small – 10 pages – $49 / year – 250 participants – Upgrade
  • Standard – 50 pages – $199 / year – 250 participants – Upgrade
  • Large – 250 pages – $950 / year – 500 participants – Upgrade

We use PayPal to securely proces your payments and we don’t use automatic recurring payments, you simply renew your plan after a year if you want to continue to use our service. Please contact us for more information about upgrading your account or our custom plans.

Create a test in 4 minutes

Take a look at our new screencast to learn more about creating and analyzing a test. In just 4 minutes we’ll explain how to create an Usabilla test and analyze your results. Sit back, relax, and watch the movie:

Usabilla – Hassle free usability testing from Paul Veugen on Vimeo.

Questions or feedback?

Please let us know if you got any questions about our service. Send us a mail ( or contact us on Gtalk ( for help or if you want to discuss a test.


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Upgrade planned: Wednesday Dec 16th 9:00AM (GMT+1) Announcements

Upgrade planned: Wednesday Dec 16th 9:00AM (GMT+1)

Tomorrow morning at around 9:00 (GMT+1) we’re going to upgrade our servers. Unfortunately this will cause a few minutes downtime for all our customers. We’re launching a new Usabilla version, implement our paid plans and will add an extra server. If everything works out as planned we will only be down for a very short time span and our new release will be up and running at 9:00 AM (GMT+1). We will send out a newsletter to our customers after our release tomorrow, with more details on the update and paid plans.

Using Usabilla for simple A/B testing Demo UX Cases

Using Usabilla for simple A/B testing

A/B testing is a popular method to optimize conversion on a website. Basically you set up two or more variants, measure the differences in conversion rates between these variants, and select a winner based on your test results. The winning variant is the one with the highest conversion rates. A/B testing is a great way to improve your webpages one step a time. Unfortunately implementing tests is not always as simple as it sounds, even if you use for example the nifty interface of Google Website Optimizer. To set up a test, you need to have access to the source code and someone who’s able to adapt it, a live website with visitors or a working prototype, etc.. We’ll show you an example of how Usabilla’s One-Click-Tasks can be used as an interesting and low-budget alternative for A/B testing.

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Create PDF reports and export your charts as PNG Announcements

Create PDF reports and export your charts as PNG

You can now easily export all your test results as PDF. Select a page and your tasks, customize your reports and save them as PDF. You can also export your visualizations as PNG to save them locally, include your charts in your own reports, or publish them online. Take look at a sample report.

Analyze your tests and create custom PDF reports


Export your visualizations easily as PNG


Usabilla is looking for a PHP master Announcements

Usabilla is looking for a PHP master

Do you have experience with Zend, Symfony, Cake or any other MVC framework and are also able deliver neat XHTML / CSS? Do you dare to develop a product for the World’s leading usability professionals? The Amsterdam based usability startup Usabilla is looking for an ambitious PHP developer to join our team.

Do you have….

  • Experience with developing in a MVC framework (preferably Zend).
  • The skills to write W3C compliant XHTML / CSS.
  • The flexibility to work in an international team on a variety of (complex) tasks.
  • At least 20 to 40 hours a week time available.
  • The eagerness to work at an international startup.

We’re offering you an exciting job, great customers with very interesting ideas, and very skilled colleagues. Our offices are located in the city center of Amsterdam and we share an awesome office with other interesting and ambitious Dutch startups.

Contact Paul Veugen ( if you’re interested in this position.

Call-to-Action: benchmarking 10 web services Demo UX Cases

Call-to-Action: benchmarking 10 web services

The sign up button or link is an important call-to-action on the homepages of most web services. In a recent demo case Usabilla compared the sign up on the homepages of 10 different web services. Users found the sign up button on the Twitter homepage in 1.8 seconds. Animoto was a good runner up with 2.3 seconds. On average it took participants 3.5 seconds to find a way to sign up for these web services.

The differences between the performance of these websites on this important task are big. But what makes Twitter homepage stand out in this test? Why do the sign up buttons at Animoto, Vimeo and MyNameisE catch attention faster than those of Wakoopa, Basecamp, and PayPal? We would love to hear your opinion about these test results.

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Update: Analyze large numbers of notes Announcements

Update: Analyze large numbers of notes

We released an update of the analysis page today. This release contains some minor changes and makes it easier to analyze large numbers of notes. We’ve added a list of all your active notes at the bottom of the page and you can easily turn notes on and off. The icons for notes are now smaller and you can select the color of the icon (the same color as points).

We’ve also updated the export options. Our XML exports now contain all your data, including time per task (per participant) and average time per task. You can find the export options at the bottom of the test details.

Underdogs beat Expedia in usability showdown Demo UX Cases

Underdogs beat Expedia in usability showdown

The international travel site Expedia (Alexa Rank 816) gets defeated by its competitors Hotwire, Priceline, and Travelocity on basic usability tasks. Expedia performed the worst in a usability showdown between the four major international travel sites. A total of 148 people participated in this usability test and tried to perform three basic tasks on one of the four websites.

Alexa rank for Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity, and Priceline

Alexa rank for Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity, and Priceline

Book a room in Amsterdam

The 148 participants tried to book a hotel room in Amsterdam in a certain price range on one of the four big travel websites. They had to find a way to search for a hotel room (task 1), limit their search on price (task 2), and book a room in the correct price range (task 3). The task performance was measured by the success rate and the time per task.

Expedia homepage

Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity, and Priceline

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