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Olivia Leonardi

Olivia is a freelance writer who is currently looking into graduate school but is tempted to save the money and let the Internet teach her everything she could possibly want to know. You can read more of her writing at
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A Changing Learning Experience In Computer Science Programs

This is a guest post by Olivia Leonardi.

Computer science is one of the fastest growing professional fields, with demand for talent increasing every year. One of the best ways for tech-savvy young people to jump aboard this wave is through higher education. However, college and university training is often expensive, which can make earning even a basic degree seem like a daunting task. Educators are taking note of this, however, and are offering a continually increasing number of courses, many times free of charge.

Online learning makes sense, especially in computer programming, a field of study where many of the tools and skills needed are already housed online. As the need for computer technology experts continues to rise, more and more Internet-based learning options emerge.
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