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Niko Nyman

I help my clients to design and implement sites, apps, and other digital services. I believe everything worth building has to be valuable to the end users, and a justifiable investment for the client. Sometimes I sit in design meetings to get the client to make decisions and to move forward, sometimes I draw designs on wireframe or pixel level, sometimes I work as a project manager to keep the ball rolling, and sometimes I even get my hands dirty in client-side code. I've run my own consultancy N. Nyman Ltd since 1997 Follow the author on Twitter
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What Does It Take to Be a User Experience Designer?

This is a Usabilla guest-post by Niko Nyman

I love good products. I love a kitchen knife that is perfectly balanced, I love it when someone transforms a product category by taking a fresh look at the process – the old way of doing things – and making it easier for everyone involved, I love a car so cleverly designed it has a light underneath the door to show me where I put my foot when getting out, I love a web app that draws me in without blocking my flow with four-step registration and a five-minute tutorial video, and I love great service from companies who empower staff to overcome customers’ problems. I love products with a great user experience, whether physical, digital or service-based.

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