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Neal Cole

Neal Cole has over 20 years' experience of working in market research and website optimization for some of the UK's largest financial services providers and online retailers. Neal is currently a conversion specialist for a major online gaming company in Gibraltar. He is also a regular contributor to the GreenBook Blog market research website and has his own blog: Myth Buster. Neal is a full member of the Market Research Society and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. You can follow Neal on Twitter @northresearch and view his LinkedIn profile.
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Optimize Your Conversion With Insights From Behavioural Economics

This is a guest post by our friend Neal Cole.

As Dan Ariely explains in his popular books people are often irrational in their decision making as they are heavily influenced by unconscious biases. Conversion professionals can utilise knowledge of these ‘rules of thumb’ to nudge website visitors towards a particular behaviour. However, because people may not be fully aware of these influences customer research cannot predict how they will respond to the use of such persuasive designs.

Online experiments (A/B and multivariate tests) are the only true way of evaluating how visitors will respond to a new web page or online journey. Organisations that use such experimental testing can potentially save millions of pounds by avoiding lost sales and benefit from an uplift in conversion.
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