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Meera Shah

Meera works at PrintExpress, a binding and printing services company based in London. Meera has a passion for Marketing who has an inquisitive mind to know what makes a brand thrive. When she has a moment to spare, she enjoys cooking, dancing, networking or trying something new.
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7 Easy Ways To Effectively Maintain Your Website

It’s a bit like having a dog, or a particularly tricky-to-care-for plant. Like a bonsai, say. It looks fantastic when you first get it home, but without regular care and maintenance your miniature tree can pretty quickly start to look a little worse for wear. To cut to the chase we’re talking about your website; have you been neglecting yours of late?
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How To Create Brand Personality For Your Website

Like getting stuck talking to the dullest person at a party, visitors to a website without brand personality will be looking for the nearest escape route pretty quickly. It can wreak havoc with your conversion rate and repeat business. Developing brand personality is like walking a tightrope. Do it well and you’ll create a character for your company that your customers will want to engage with. Do it badly and your brand personality can repel people. It’s a tough gig to get right. In order to help you create a digital persona for your organization, here are 10 useful tips to help you create brand personality for your website.
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