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trust Design

Cornerstones For Building Trust Into Your Website

Trust and confidence are important factors that users will take into account when considering your product or service. A high level of trust is of particular importance if your site includes any commercial elements. Research has shown that distrust of the Internet undermines e-commerce (pdf). The study shows that over 50% of users believe that “going online puts privacy at risk”.
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Screen shot 2012-06-27 at 3.11.51 PM Theory

From Plain User Testing to an Integrated UX Approach

This is a guest post from David Barker.

Why is it people are so keen to embrace user testing but reject other user experience design techniques? I have asked myself this question on many occasions. Especially given that the full potential of user testing can only be exploited within a wider UX strategy.

My first thoughts were that it is because user testing can be performed without making any change to the project lifecycle. It can be completed independently without affecting the project plan. In his book The inmates are running the asylum Alan Cooper makes a similar statement. He says: “The main reason why empirical user testing has been widely accepted in the high-tech business is that it fits easily into the existing sequence”.

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