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Maneet Puri is a specialized web consultant and the Managing Director of Lexolution IT Services, a professional web design company in India that offers intuitive web design and custom web development services. Maneet also carries an infinite interest in writing articles and blogs on upcoming web technologies and trends. As a web consultant, he has been offering valuable advice and suggestions to his clients located all over the globe. Follow the author on Twitter
Teaser-Image Theory

Web Forms: Their Importance And How To Improve Them

With the advent of modern technology and new standards, the face of the Internet has evolved and so have our beloved websites. Websites are no longer limited to being informational portals for business firms that are in need of a communication channel for sharing information with their end-users. In order for a website design to be successful, you have to consider much more than this initial functionality: your visitors and the user experience of your site.
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