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2013_02_featured_smurfs Theory

These Smurfalicious personas will engage your users

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had to do business with the Smurfs? There are more than one hundred Smurfs, each one with its own idiosyncrasy, traits and quirks that demand special attention and care. How would you communicate to each Smurf? How would you engage each Smurf to listen to you, and eventually buy what you’re selling? Quite a smurfy-question don’t you think?

Well, here at Usabilla we always spend our time constructively thinking of major issues like this. So we smurfed our research and we present it to you.

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Book a cheap ticket: how four sites score on usability Demo UX Cases

Book a cheap ticket: how four sites score on usability

How many times have you tried to book a ticket online and got frustrated by all the options and the cluttered information? Though travel sites embrace the importance of usability and constantly try to improve their sites, still they often fail to deliver a great customer experience (reference). The reason, in many cases, is that the goals  of the travel site and that of the user conflict. You might be stressfully looking for a last-minute ticket to see your loved one, while the travel site wants to sell you a package of vacations to Mallorca. It’s not the right moment, but the travel website unfortunately doesn’t know it, and craves to convert… Result? FAIL!

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Combine a Usabilla test with an external survey How-tos

Combine a Usabilla test with an external survey

Usabilla offers quick visual feedback, but in some cases you might want to collect additional feedback from your participants or just some demographic data by conducting a traditional survey. There are plenty of wonderful survey tools out there that make your life easier (e.g SurveyGizmo, Wufoo, Polldady), and now we’ve released a new feature that allows you to seamlessly combine a Usabilla test with one of these tools.>

To introduce the feature we’ve created a demo case. Lets assume that a university wants to know what its students think of the faculty’s homepage (universities love surveys!). So, they create a Usabilla test to get specific feedback on the homepage and a SurveyGizmo survey  to get more generic feedback including some demographics of the users.

How to combine the two surveys in one?
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