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Jurian Baas

Interested in usability, UX, philosophy, cognitive psychology and the social implications of modern science and technology. I love going to indie concerts and movies.

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on / by Jurian Baas

Announcing Usabilla Discover

Every designer we know has a scattered selection of images, Evernote clippings, or bookmarks of inspirational design elements. We think collecting and curating UI elements on …

on / by Jurian Baas

Lovely Design Discoveries #2

All the thumbnails link to the Lovely Discoveries #2 list on Usabilla Discover. Request an invite if you haven’t yet and create lists like this yourself!…

on / by Jurian Baas

Lovely Design Discoveries

We are happy to say we are working on a new tool for designers. Usabilla Discover lets you clip, rate and save design elements on websites. We are currently in closed beta, bu…

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