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Interested in usability, UX, philosophy, cognitive psychology and the social implications of modern science and technology. I love going to indie concerts and movies. Follow the author on Twitter
Best UX & Design Links Links

Best UX & Design Links

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User Experience Report: The 2012 Republican Party Candidates’ Home Pages

With the Republican Party presidential primaries of 2012 fully underway, we decided to test the home pages of the Republican Party candidates: Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich. We focussed on the travel sector, banks and online retailers in previous cases, and we were excited to look into politics. The pages need to have a different appeal, which leads to different design decisions. Most of the time, it needs to communicate a sense of urgency and action to get more people to help with the campaign. We believe the feedback of our users led to interesting findings and helped us understand how the home pages of politicians differ from other websites. Download the full report on the UX of Republican Party candidates’ home pages

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Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 16 of 2012

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Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 15 of 2012

Last week brought us some interesting articles!

Wells Riley made a beautifully designed, one-page site about design for startups called Startups, this is how design works.

Alex Sexton on The UX of Language.

A new chapter in the encyclopedia of about Visual Aesthetics in human-computer interaction and interaction design.

A post on Simurai about Icon Sharpness.

@hanaschank writes about UX design as a two conversation in UX Magazine. She uses this video by Google Analytics as an example:

Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 14 of 2012 Links

Usabilla UX Tweet Scoop – Week 14 of 2012

Paul Boag (@boagworld) on selecting fonts in Photoshop with Font Picker

Justin Mifsud (@justinmifsud) from Usability Geek with an excellent and lenghty piece on beautiful navigation in portfolio websites (on Smashing Magazine)

Also on Smashing Magazine: Aarron Walter (@aarron) with a sample chapter called Redesigning with Personality from the upcoming printed Smashing Book #3. We really were a fan of Aarron latest book Designing for Emotion, so we’re curious about this one!

Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror) hopes pagination on websites will end and explains why

Sascha Greif (@sachagreif) wonders why startups can’t find designers on The Next Web

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Why Designers Collect

How you go about educating yourself as a designer is a highly personal affair. But if you want to improve constantly, there are some things you can’t do without. Mostly, this means practicing an awful lot, and knowing how to take in all the stuff you see around you, and turn it into something that is original, beautiful and effective. I will explain how collecting design elements helps designers do these things, and improve their skills.

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