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Ben Snyder is the founder and owner of Little Wing Marketing, a UX agency that's passionate about making websites work better. He's also the Editor-In-Chief of the UX blog A Better User Experience (BUX), a learning resources for all things UX and user testing. Follow Ben on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Listen to the BUX podcast with Paul Veugen, the founder of Usabilla, or another BUX podcast with the Managing Director Marc Van Agteren.
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The 4 UX Principles Microsoft Forgot That Doomed Windows 8

This is a guest post by Ben Snyder

Microsoft has bet the future of Windows on a risky strategy of creating an operating system that works on both tablets and desktops. This seemingly smart strategy is doomed for a number of reasons, but mostly, they just forgot the basics.

They didn’t know their customer. They didn’t solve a problem. Their messaging is unclear and they ignored user research.
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