Announcing Usabilla Discover

Announcing Usabilla Discover

on / by Jurian Baas

Every designer we know has a scattered selection of images, Evernote clippings, or bookmarks of inspirational design elements. We think collecting and curating UI elements on webpages can be much better and easier. That’s why we are happy to announce Usabilla Discover.

Usabilla Discover allows you to collect and curate UI elements, build and share your own UI library with HTML snippets (not just images) and follow other users for inspiration. Because every element is categorized and tagged, filtering is easy and powerful. For example, see positively rated headers by all users, or Yoeri’s favorite menus. You can also create and share your own lists with discoveries: see Paul’s quickly growing list overview, or my list of the best discoveries of the week.

We are very excited about the possibilities to provide design feedback to website owners with this technology. Like our friends at The Next Web said: “Usabilla Discover continues in the direction of targeting the entire Web for review, critique and curation.”

We are currently in closed beta, so we work with invitations at the moment. If you use the code BLOGREADER to sign up, we will let you in as fast as possible.

Read the very kind article about Usabilla Discover on The Next Web:

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