Announcing a much faster Usabilla Announcements

Announcing a much faster Usabilla

We are happy to announce that we launched a new, highly improved version of both our surveys and the analysis of test results in Usabilla. Most of all, everything is much quicker and responsive. Some of the improvements:

  • Our visual surveys are completely rewritten from scratch and much faster as a result. By using leaner code and preloading test content in a clever way, participating is even more pleasant than it was before.

  • The analysis also got a complete makeover. We now use the newest web standards and no longer rely on Flash, which makes the interface way more snappy and flexible for future improvements. You can also analyze the results of individual participants, we added filter options for participants and visualize results with click paths.

  • The XML of test results contains more data and is structured for integration with other apps and our future API.

We believe this greatly enhances the Usabilla experience for both our users as your users (test participants). If you have any questions, don’t hestitate to contact us.

Interested in usability, UX, philosophy, cognitive psychology and the social implications of modern science and technology. I love going to indie concerts and movies.

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