5 SEO Tips That Help You Stay On The Good Side Of Search Engines
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5 SEO Tips That Help You Stay On The Good Side Of Search Engines

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Plenty of information is out there today about things people can do to improve their SEO. However, those who are new to developing sites might not realize that quite a few things that were once common practice – even though they were black hat techniques – could cause huge problems for a site if someone tries them today.

The following tips and tricks will help to keep site developers and owners from having issues with search engines. Avoiding these problems is going to help make it easier for sites to keep on the good side of the search engines. After all, if not for the search engines, it would be very difficult to find anything on the web!

1. Do not link to invisible images and words

Before the search engines started cracking down on the black hat practices, one of the techniques that people used to link to invisible images and words on the page. They would do this by creating images that were only 1px x 1px, and were essentially invisible to the naked eye. Those who try to do this today may have their site banned from the search engines. Another technique was to hide words on the page in a similar fashion. They would add more keywords to the page so that the page still had the keywords on them, but the content did not appear to be “stuffed” full of them. Again, this could lead to a ban today.

2. Do not use redirects

Another technique that is annoying, and had the potential to be dangerous to user’s computers, are redirects. When someone clicked on a link that supposedly went to Site A, it actually took them to Site D. Site D may have had nothing to do with what the individual was searching for in the first place. Sometimes those redirects would lead to a site that would upload a virus or malware. That’s why search engines are getting tough on sites that try this tactic.

3. Avoid copyright infringement

Another SEO and content issue that you will want to avoid is copyright violations. When you are creating content for sites, it is imperative that you create unique content. When another site owner finds that someone has used content without permission, it is going to create legal troubles. This is true no matter the type of content – written, audio, video, image, etc. Write fresh content often and add keywords wisely to move up in the rankings and make the search engines happy.

4. Do not use static pages

While some sites are going to benefit from having some static pages, and it could be the right decision for certain parties, this is not going to help with SEO. With the way that the algorithms work today, it is more important than ever to make sure that a site has new and updated content regularly. This is the reason that blogs are so popular in search engines. Google and other sites crave new content. Those who have static sites may want to consider having a blog that they can use to add keywords, phrases, and good content to in order to boost SEO rankings.

5. Do not use poor quality HTML

The search engines are only going to be able to find and index pages properly when those pages have high quality coding. Messy or incomplete code, even though the trouble might not always be a problem that one can see visually, could cause some issues with the way that the search engines see them.

The above are some of the SEO issues that could cause problems for some developers and site owners. Avoiding them will help you get a better handle on your SEO.

Your thoughts?

What are your experiences with effective SEO practices or those that can better be avoided? Let us know in the comments below.

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