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10 of the Best UX Infographics

Sometimes, as the old saying goes, pictures really do tell 1000 words. And if that’s the case, what’s better than a picture with 1000 words included on it?

We’ve gathered 10 more of the best UX relevant infographics from around the web for your entertainment and education. Marvel at the stunning visuals, and informative posters. You might just learn something! (Check out our previous collection here)

The Psychologist’s view of UX Design

Source: UX Magazine

Quick & Simple reminders of the little things

Source: UX is not UI

The UX Lifecycle

Source: Provis Media

The UX Development Process

Source: unknown

UX Layers

Source: unknown

The Usability Spectrum

Source: 79er.com

The User Experience Wheel

Source: Magnus Revang

A UX Metaphor

We finish on a nice little metaphor for UX, UI and content…

Source: medium.com


  1. Erik Flowers

    I’ve got some suggestions on honorable mentions (shameful self promotion):

    The Brain Behind UX, a visual insight into how the brain works and how it applies to UX: http://www.helloerik.com/the-brain-behind-ux

    UX is not UI: http://www.uxisnotui.com/

    Classic hits!

  2. ItregKnarf

    Inspiring ideas!

  3. Sherlock Holmes

    It’s laughable and ironic that the people who designed these infographic disregarded the very rules that define ux. Especially the first infographic and the last, which are impossible to read.

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