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ModernTimesEnding Theory

The Happy Ending: Redeeming bad experiences

Experiences. We encounter them constantly throughout our daily ride through life. The commute to & from work; client meetings; dinner with friends. Each is an experience of its own – each with its own start and end point, each with its own journey. Afterwards, we reflect upon each activity – we understand what we liked and didn’t like – we understand how that experience left us feeling.

The peculiar thing about these experiences is that subsequent feeling isn’t always easy to break down. Exactly why did we enjoy dinner last night?
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etail-europe-2015_2 Announcements

4 Talks you Should not Miss at eTail Europe 2015

As internet users we are an unforgiving bunch. We’ve come to expect perfection to the point where we’ll often abandon a site within seconds if it’s not up to par. With competitor’s sites just a click away, the pressure is on for companies to offer the best experience possible.

In the ecommerce industry, the pace of evolution is accelerating fastest. Those that can’t keep up with user expectations are getting left in the dust.

In the last year alone we’ve seen the industry grow by 18.5% in Europe with people spending over £100 more online every year. With this in mind, you have to be on top of your game, which is why industry events should be on every ecommerce manager’s annual agenda.
Usabilla has attended quite a few but next week we will be attending one of our favorites. eTail Europe is one of a plethora of ecommerce events around the world, but few others can boast such a high caliber line-up of speakers and attendees.
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The Best UX Articles of May 2015

Summer’s here! You’re probably all outside, kickstarting that tan – unless you’re with us here in Amsterdam of course… With the sun shining it’s harder than ever to keep up with the wonderful world of UX.

With so much quality content out there, we take one more look back at May 2015. We’ve compiled the 5 best articles from May we feel are interesting, invaluable or otherwise a must read for anyone with an interest in UX.
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upload_thumb copy Theory

UX, the foundation of the modern brand

We’re living in heady times as UX designers. The industry is booming, demand higher than ever before. Every company – from globalised conglomerate, to budding start-up – wants (needs) a UX department. Those that aren’t investing in UX? They’re behind the times, they’re not up to scratch.

Why this sudden focus on an industry that for so long worked behind the scenes, almost anonymously? As the marketing landscape moves from the salesmanship of old, to a system better focused on customer loyalty and quality of service, ‘Experience’ has been pushed to the fore.
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Bitmap + Rectangle 1 + Feature update: May Announcements

Usabilla Live Feature Update: May 2015

It’s been a fair while since our last major feature announcement. That’s not say we haven’t been busy – things have been crazier than ever!

We’ve been working hard on plenty of new features to improve your feedback and its analysis, hiring 2 new developers in the process (with more on the way!)

Rest assured, there is much more excitement on the way later this year – we can’t wait to share it with you. But for now, we’ve simply cleaned up the old in preparation for the new.
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featured Links

The Best UX Articles of April 2015

We’re a third of the way through the year already; a year that seemed to have only started yesterday. In hindsight, that’s rather depressing thought… lets take our mind elsewhere and into the amazing world of UX!

With so much quality content out there, we take one more look back at April 2015. We’ve compiled the 5 best articles from April we feel are interesting, invaluable or otherwise a must read for anyone with an interest in UX.
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20percent Theory

20% of essential feedback is lost in User Interviews

  • “In my experience, many people confuse being cowardly with being nice.”

—Robert Kiyosaki

User interviews have a key flaw, a flaw many of us would be reluctant to admit. With the expectant eyes of our superiors bearing down upon us, we daren’t show any sign of weakness. This is a flaw which threatens to undo and unravel all of our hard work.

People are too nice.
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featured Design

3 reasons why Cookies are the future of Personalised Experiences

The cookie has been long lamented as a marketer’s weapon. A tool used against the user in aid of underhanded promotional tactics, to collect (and even distribute) personal data without knowledge nor consent.

To us lucky EU members, this rampage was brought to an attempted halt May 2011. The Cookie policy brought in aiming to teach web users what was happening to their online data, what companies were doing with it. Allowing users to opt out of cookie storage. Now a by-word for advertising, despite sweet comparisons the cookie has bittersweet connotations to many.

Yet, not all hope is lost. Many believe that this year – 2015 – is the year the cookie strikes back. A year in which the cookie will banish its past misuse, and move towards a friendlier future.

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exchange head Announcements

Usabilla Exchange April ’15 (Roundup)

Thursday 9th April marked the third edition of Usabilla Exchange. With a record 82 attendees, it was by far our most successful edition yet. The attendees played witness to insightful presentations from Skyscanner and Humix, sharing best practices and details of the use of Usabilla’s tools.

Exchange is a bi-annual event in which we invite our clients and prospects to discover more about Usabilla and our products. We provide the opportunity for clients to present their experiences with our products, and share best practices and ideas ensuring they can get more out of the tool.
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